Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Version of Life Changes

A longer version of Life Changes has just been leaked, with a new ODB intro & outro & a U-God verse. With hope, this is not the final product, as we still lack RZA & Ghost verses--certainly RZA wouldn't fail to appear on Dirty's tribute song. Today marks the 3rd anniversary of Dirty's death.

Also, MissInfo had another interesting tidbit today:

NOTE: one interesting thing….in a Wu Tang press statement, it says:

“The [8 Diagrams] tracklisting that was floating out there isn’t necessarily the FINAL version…there has been changes to the album in a few ways since Ghost and Rae spoke.”

Word? What kind of changes? I’ll let you know if/when I find out.

Though I obviously side with the RZA over Ghost & Rae, & continually don't think it was a good look for them to go public with their opinions, I suppose as long as the record comes out on time, that is the most important thing for Wu fans at this point.

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Create And Hustle V. 2.0 said...

this song was hot i can't wait for the album , this blog is easley one of my favorites