Saturday, December 1, 2007


A new interview with the Genius has been released by SixShot. He has a forthcoming solo album as well, that was ironically slated for Dec 4th at one time, called ProTools. In the interview he clarifies that the album is really more of a compilation album than a straight GZA solo, but that he & the RZA plan to record a full GZA album as their next project. But as far as 8 Diagrams is concerned, & given all the tension within the Clan, the Genius gave us his take:

Jon Michael: The Wu-Tang album drops in a couple of days, you excited about that?

GZA: Ummm, I’m aight, I’m kinda excited. I never really got all hyped about album releases. It feels good though. I’m happy to get back on the road.

Are you happy with how the album turned out?

I like it, yea, I like it. It’s growing on me more and more. The more I hear it, the more I like it.

When Raekwon spoke out and said he wasn’t really feeling the album, was he speaking on behalf of everyone in Wu-Tang?

Nah, he was speaking for himself. I mean, that was Rae speaking. There's always room for improvement. Personally, I feel I could have done better on the album but you have to consider the time it took to put it together.

Raekwon also mentioned that he may have had some issues with money. Did you ever experience that?

I’m not even gonna get into all that. Raekwon was speaking for himself. That’s my brother just like RZA is my brother and I won't go against that. Raekwon does represent us as a group also. Maybe he had more concerns among other thing that the other members or his beef went to a different extent.

I’m not gonna go against that. I don’t air out problems, when it comes to my family. If I have money problems I deal with it. There are always problems with a group or family but that’s with everybody.

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