Monday, October 29, 2007

8 Diagrams Preorder

This preorder has just appeared on the UK Amazon site. A few other sites, primarily Japanese, have been listing the preorder in recent days--interestingly with an added bonus track (though there are still no final tracklistings) & also with a (presumably outdated) November release date. The difference here is that a cover image has been included, pictured above. There are similarities to the cover of The GZA's 1999 album Beneath the Surface. Also, the December 10th date, which is one day sooner than the States will receive it, on December 11th.

A tracklisting will hopefully soon follow. Wikipedia has listed upwards of twenty-some tracks over the past weeks, compiling every track that had been mentioned since the announcement of the album. Very recently, however, the wikipedia tracklist has been trimmed down to 16 tracks--perhaps this will resemble the final vesion.

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