Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Take it Back

Take it Back [right click, save as]

Produced by Easy Mo Bee & RZA. This is the best of the leaked songs so far.

Rae sounds more animated than he has elsewhere, though he yet again leads off the track. He's certainly not the most lively of all the members of late, so it's still curious that he's leading things off. I really wish they'd go back to having INS leadoff the posse cuts. Even U-God on "Pinky Ring" was a better choice.

The fact that Ghost is also on this track is interesting. So far he's surfaced on all three songs. From the early-album conjecture that he wasn't even going to be on the project, then to him being fully on board, followed by his recent fury against RZA & denunciation of the "Wu-Hierarchy"--well all this hasn't kept him from rhyming on every track that's leaked so far. Whole albums go by & you'll barely hear that many GZA or Masta Killa verses.

Another Easy Mo Bee appearance with the Wu is welcome, as their affiliation actually predates the formation of the Clan. He produced RZA's first ever single, "Ooh We Love You Rakeem," from when RZA was known as Prince Rakeem, along with a large portion of GZA's first album Words from the Genius, from when GZA was known only as The Genius. Other pairings with the Wu & Mo can be found on the first Wu-Chronicles album, on the Method Man/Notorious BIG track "The What" & also on the Ras Kass/RZA track "The End." Outside of working with the Wu, Mo Bee has been around, producing most famously for Big Daddy Kane & Biggie, but also putting in work with people from Craig Mack to Alicia Keys.

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