Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Heart Gently Weeps -- The Dirty Version

Now we have the distinct pleasure of enjoying the announced first single in all it's unedited glory--this is, for all intents & purposes, probably most likely the final version.

The track, while many other things, absolutely bodes well for the level of musicality that the album will contain. RZA talks a lot about equipment & his myriad production techniques in the current Remix magazine.

RZA is also featured in WIRED magazine, in an audio interview covering the history of the use of Kung-fu movie samples on Wu-Tang albums--from the first Wu song on the first Wu album, "Bring da Ruckus," to the yet-to-be-heard "Wolves," scheduled to be included on 8 Diagrams.

The complete single of "The Heart Gently Weeps" is now available here--featuring clean, dirty, & instrumental versions.

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